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Travel Insurance (1- 4 Days)

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Travel Insurance (1- 4 Days)

Accidental Death 500,000.00
Permanent Disability 500,000.00
Reimbursable Medical Expenses & Hospitalization 250,000.00
Weekly Hospital Income(up to 2 weeks) 3,500.00
Trip Cancellation 20,000.00
Trip Termination 20,000.00
Baggage Delay - minimum of 6 hours 5,000.00
Baggage Loss / Damage - Airline and other checked in items 10,000.00
Loss of Travel Documents Replacement 5,000.00
Flight Delay - (12 hours) - outbound and inbound 5,000.00
Funeral & Burial Assitance 10,000.00




Age Coverage: 6 to 75 years old with additional Premium for the following: 60 to 65 years old + PHP 500.00 / 66 to 75 years old + PHP 1,000.00





"Accident"  shall mean an event of violent,  accidental,  external  and visible nature, which shall independently  of any other cause of bodily injury.

“Age Limit” shall mean Insured persons from 1 to 75 years of age. “Beneficiary”  shall  mean  the  recipient  of the  proceeds  of the  Insurance.

This would include the Insured Person himself, the estate of the Insured or

his legal heirs.

"Illnesses"   shall  mean  a  physical   condition   marked   by  a  pathological deviation from the normal healthy state.

"Injury"  shall mean bodily injury caused by force or violent, external  and visible means.

"Hospital"    shall   mean   only   an establishment    duly   constituted    and registered   as  hospital   for  the  care  and  treatment   of  sick  and  injured persons,  as bed-paying  patients,  and which 

 i) has facilities  for diagnosis and  major   surgery,   ii)  provides   24  hours   a  day  nursing   services   by registered  graduate  nurses,

iii) is under the supervision  of a physician,  and iv)  is  not  primarily  a  nature  cure  clinic,  a  place  for  alcoholics  or  drug addict,  a nursing,  rest  or convalescent  home  or similar  establishment,  or home for the aged.

"Physician"  or "Surgeon"  shall mean only a person qualified  by degree in Western   Medicine   and  legally   licensed   and  duly  qualified   to  practice medicine and surgery authorized  in the geographical  area of his practice.

"Surgical  Fees"  shall  mean  all of the  fees  payable  to Surgeon(s)  for  the operations   performed   including   the  surgeons  visits  to  the  patient,  pre- surgical assessment  and normal post surgical care up to a maximum  of 90 days from the date of operation or discharge from the hospital.

"Schedule"   shall  mean  the  Policy  Schedule   enumerating   the  benefits, which is attached to and forming part of this Policy.

"Pre-Existing   Illness"  shall  mean  any  medical  condition  for  which  the insured  received  treatment  or have  been  diagnosed  within  six (6) months prior to the commencement of the policy.

"Policy"  shall mean  this agreement  all schedule  riders  endorsements  and any amendments signed by an Authorized Officer of the Company, the application  (if  any)  of  the  Insured  and  any  individual  health  declaration form  or  any  other  form  signed  by  the  Insured  Person  or  the  Insured constituting  the entire contract.

"Permanent  total disablement"  shall mean disablement  (other  than loss of or loss of use of limbs or loss of sight, speech  or hearing),  which entirely prevents  the Insured  from  attaching  to any occupation,  or profession  and having lasted for a continuous  period of 12 months and beyond reasonable hope of improvement.

“Public  Transport”  shall mean  any jeep, bus, ship and train provided  and operated by a carrier duly licensed for regular transportation  of fare-paying passengers;  any aircraft  provided  and operated by an airline duly licensed for   the   transportation   of   fare-paying    passengers   and   operating only between  established  commercial  airports  or published  schedule  routes and any regularly scheduled airport.

"Total loss of sight" shall mean medically certified total and permanent irrevocable loss of the sense of sight resulting from accidental injury.

"Loss of hearing  and Loss of speech"  shall mean medically  certified  total and permanently irrevocable loss of hearing and speech resulting from accidental bodily injury.


In the event that during the Period of Insurance  the Insured Person sustains accidental  bodily  injury and such  injury  shall within  12 months  from  the date of accident solely and independently  of  any other causes result in the Insured’s  Death  or  Disablement,  The  Company  will  pay  the  benefits as shown below;

Eligibility  – All Insured individual within age 1 year old to 75 years old. Children  from  age  1  year  to 17  years  old  must  be  accompanied   by  a parent/guardian during  the duration  of the ourney.  For ages 1 year to 17 and 70 to 75 years bracket, the benefits under Section I is reduced by 50% of the Schedule of Benefits.


1.DEATH                                           100%



Loss of one or more limbs                    100%

Total Paralysis                                    100%

Total loss of sight of one or both eyes   100%

Total loss of speech and hearing          100%

Loss of hearing in both ears                  50%

Loss of hearing in one ear                    25%

Loss of speech                                    50%

Permanent  total loss of use of limb shall be treated as loss of limb.  Where the injury is not specified  above, the Company  will adopt a percentage  of disablement,   which   in  its  opinion   is  not  inconsistent   with  the  above provisions.

The Company shall not be liable to pay in respect of items together more than 100% of the Principal Sum in respect of the same accident or in any one Period of Insurance.


The Known  Accumulation  Limit is the maximum  payable  in the event of anyone accident or catastrophic  loss, the benefits payable by Company  for any  occurrence  shall  not exceed  the  amount  specified  in the  schedule  of this Policy and in no case shall the amount specified in the Policy Schedule exceeds the maximum  limit of Php 50,000,000  per anyone occurrence.   In the event of catastrophic  loss the amount  payable  shall be proportionately shared by the persons covered in the policy.


Exposure and Disappearance

In the event  the insured  is unavoidably  exposed  to the elements  and as a result  suffers  a loss for which  a benefit  is otherwise  payable,  such  a loss will be covered  under the policy.   In the event the Insured’s  body has not been found within two (2) years after the date of disappearance,  sinking or wrecking  of the aircraft or any other conveyance  in which the Insured was travelling  in and it is reasonable  to believe  that the Insured  has died as a result  of  bodily  injury  caused  by  an  accident,  the  Death  benefit  shall become  payable  to a signed  undertaking  that if this belief is subsequently found to be wrong, such benefit shall be refunded to the Company.

Drowning  and Suffocation

Accidental  bodily injury sustained  as a result of drowning  and suffocation by  poisonous  fumes,  gas  or  smoke  will  be  covered  provided  that  such injury did dot arise out of or in connection  with the Insured’s  own willful or intentional  act.

Murder or Assault

Accidental  bodily injury sustained  as a direct result of the Insured being a victim  of murder  or assault  will be covered  provided  that such injury  d id not arise  out of or in connection  with  the Insured’s  own  participation  or provocation  of any such act.

Riot and Civil Commotion

Accidental   bodily  sustained   as  a  direct  result  of  strike,  riot  and  civil commotion   will  be  covered  provided  that  the  Insured  is  not  an  active participant  or a direct participant  of such activities.


The  Company  shall  indemnify  the  Insured  for  all  medical  and  surgical fees,  hospital  and  emergency  dental  expenses  incurred  as a result  of any accident  and illness occurring  wholly during the Period of Insurance  up to the inner limits specified below.

Inner Limits:

Hospital Room and Board (15 days)  500/day
Miscellaneous                                 10,000
Surgical Fee                                   20,000
Doctors Visit (15 days)                    375/day
Out-patient                                     4,300

Treatment   and/or  consultation   for  the  same  or  related  illness  shall  not entitle  the insured  person  for a new benefit  amount  unless  such treatment and/or consultation  is separated  by at least two (2) weeks, and such illness occurred during the travel period.


In  the  event  that  during  the  Period  of  Insurance   the  Insured   sustains accidental  bodily injury resulting  to death, the Company  will pay for a fix amount  as  financial  assistance   up  to  the  maximum   limit  stated  in  the Policy Schedule.


The  Company   will  pay  the  Insured   up  to  the  limit  specified   in  the Schedule,   the  forfeited   and  non-refundable  portion   of  all  travel  costs invoiced to and paid by the insured in advance including travel agent’s cancellation  fee should the trip be cancelled  within 30 days before the date of commencement of the trip due to;

-     Death,  serious  injury  or serious  illness  of the Insured,  his/her  spouse, children, parents, parents-in-law, sisters, brothers or grandparents.

-     Occurrence   or  outbreak   of  strike,  riot,  civil  commotion   or  similar occurrence.


1. The  Company  will  not  pay  for  any  loss  recoverable  from  any  other sources  including  government  programs,  insurance  schemes,  airlines, hotels and travel agencies.


The Company will pay the Insured up to the limit specified in the Schedule the pro-rata amount, if the journey is cut short and the insured has to return to the place of residence  as a result of the insured having sustained  serious injury or illness  or death, serious  injury or serious  illness  of the insured’s spouse, children, parents, sisters, brothers, parents –in law or grandparents.

In  the  event  that  compensation  under  this  Section  is also  payable  under Section  IV, any amount so paid shall be deducted  from any compensation payable under this Section IV.


When  the  departure  of  the  means  of  public  transport  contracted  by  the insured be delayed  for more than 12 consecutive  hours from the departure time  specified  in the itinerary  due to events  that is uncontrollable  by the insured,  the Company  subject  to the limit specified  in the Schedule,  shall reimburse  any additional  expenses  for transport  and hotel accommodation including meals, reasonably incurred as a result of such delay.


The  Company   will  pay,   subject   to  the  limit   specified   in  the  Policy Schedule,  for expenses  incurred  by the Insured for the purchase  of articles such  as clothing,  personal  effects  and  other  necessities  as a result  of the checked-in  baggage  accompanying  the Insured  being delayed,  misdirected or  temporarily   misplaced   by  the  carrier  for  more  than  12  hours.    The maximum  amount  payable  for each article  shall not exceed  Php2,  500.00 and no compensation  will  be payable  under  this section  should  the same event be covered under Section VIII.


The Company  will pay subject to the limit specified in the Policy Schedule for accidental  loss or damage sustained to baggage subject to the following conditions:

-         No one article or pair/set  of articles  shall exceed  Php2,500.00  up to the limit of the policy schedule.

-         In  respect  of  articles  in  pair  or  set,  the  Company  shall  only  be liable for the value of that part which have been lost or damaged.

-         The  Company  may  make  payment  in  cash  or  may  reinstate  or repair   the   articles    loss   or   damaged,    subject    to   reasonable allowance for depreciation.

-         The Insured must take reasonable  steps to safeguard  their baggage from loss or damage.

-         Any  losses  arising  from  theft  or robbery  must  be reported  to the police within 24 hours at the place of theft or robbery.

In addition  to the Exclusions  enumerated  in the policy jacket, no payment shall be made in respect of:

-     Loss or damage to crockery,  china, glass, antiques, artifacts, paintings, works of art, musical instruments, skis, contact or corneal lenses, manuscripts   or  documents   of  any  kind  and  description,   jewelries, medals,     coins,     securities,     computers     including     software     and accessories,  business goods or samples, data recorded or tapes, discs or otherwise.

-     Loss  or  damage  due  to  wear  and  tear,  gradual  deterioration,   insect, vermin,  inherent  vice,  mechanical  or electrical  breakdown  or derangement,  any process of cleaning restoration,  or renovating.

-     Loss  or  damage  due  to  confiscation,   nationalization,  requisition   or destruction  by any government,  public, municipal or local authority.

-     Loss  to  baggage  sent  in  advance,  mailed  or  shipped  separately,  left unattended  in any public  place  or as a result  of the insured  failing  to take necessary precautions  to safeguard his property.

-     Loss  of cash,  currency  notes,  stamps,  bonds,  negotiable  instruments, deeds,  securities  of  any  kind,  cheques,  postal  or  money  orders  and travel documents.

In the event that the baggage  is recovered,  the insured,  if already  paid, is under   obligation   to  return   the  compensation   received   for  the  loss  in accordance  with the Policy.


In  the  event  that  the  Insured  is  admitted  to  a  hospital  or  any  medical facility   due   to   accidental   bodily   injury   or   sickness   sustained   whilst travelling  outside his usual place of residence,  the Company  will pay a fix allowance  specified in the schedule for every day of hospitalization  up to a maximum  of 2 weeks.


-         Treatment or aid obtained in the place of residence of the Insured.

-         Surgery  or medical  treatment  which  in the reasonable  opinion  of the  medical  practitioner   treating  the  Insured,  can  be  reasonably delayed until the return to the place of residence.


Pays  for  the  transportation   and  communication  expenses   necessary   in getting  a replacement  of lost passport  and travel tickets including  the cost of such  replacement,  up to the  maximum  limit  stated  in the  Schedule  of Benefits.


 1. No claim   shall  be  payable   hereunder   in  respect   of  death,   loss  or disablement,  fee, charge of expense incurred as a result of bodily injury:

a) If the Insured Person is under One year (1) or over 75 years of age

b) Cause   or   accelerated   by   or   traceable   to   any   pre-existing physical defects or infirmity

c) If Insured  Person  is traveling  against  the advice  of a Medical Practitioner  or for the purpose of obtaining treatment

d) Caused by intentional  self injury, suicide or attempt thereat

e) Caused by pregnancy,  childbirth or their complications

f) Arising from insanity, depression  or anxiety, mental or nervous disorder

g) Resulting  from war, invasions,  act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operations  (whether war be declared or not), mutiny, riot, civil commotion, strike, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection,  conspiracy,  military  or usurp  power,  martial  law or state of siege, seizure, quarantine,  or customs regulations,  or nationalization   by  or  under  the  order  of  the  government   or public   or   local   authority,    or   any   weapon   or   instrument employing  automatic  fission  or  radioactive  force,  whether  in time of peace or war.

h) Act of terrorism  including  but not limited to the use of force or violence  and/or the threat thereof, of any person or group(s)  of persons,  whether  acting  alone or on behalf of or in connection with   any   organization(s)   or   government(s),   committed   for political,  religious,  ideological,  or  similar  purposes  including the  intention  to  influence  any  government   and/or  to  put  the public, or any section of the in fear.

i) Any loss, damage, cost, or expense directly or indirectly arising out  of  (a)  biological  or  chemical  contamination   (b)  missiles, bombs, grenades or explosives  due to any act of terrorism

j) While  the Policyholder  is serving  in the Arm ed Forces  of any country or international  authority,  whether in peace or war; and in   such   an   event   the   Company,   upon   application   of   the Policyholder,  shall  return  the  pro  rata  premium  for  any  such period of service.

k)  Any  loss  or  expense   in  which   a  proximate   cause  was  the Policyholder's  attempted  commission  of or willful participation in any crime  punishable  under  the Revised  Penal  Code  of the Philippines  except crimes or reckless imprudence  as defined by Article  365 or under  similar  laws of any country  in which  the crime was attempted, or resistance to lawful arrest.

l) Consequent   upon  Insured  Person  engaging  in  racing  of  any kind,   mountaineering,   winter   sports,   exploring,    big   game hunting,   or  any  hazardous   undertaking   connected   with   his profession or occupation  or otherwise.


a) This policy does not cover:-

i) Loss or destruction  of, or damage to any property whatsoever  or any loss  or expense whatsoever  resulting  or arising  there  from,  or any consequent  loss;

ii) Any   legal   liability   of  whatsoever   nature,   directly   or  indirectly caused by, contributed to or arising from ionizing radiation or contamination  by radioactivity  from  any  nuclear  fuel,  or from  any nuclear  waste from combustion  of nuclear  fuel. For the purpose  of this  exclusion   only combustion   shall  include  any  self-sustaining process of nuclear fission.

b) The indemnity provided by this policy shall not apply to nor include any

loss, destruction,  damage or legal liability directly or indirectly  caused by, contributed  to, by, or arising from nuclear weapon material.


Perfect for Family Get-away! Experience this package tour with your love ones including transfers, service of licensed driver and tour guide, permits, environmental fees, and tours!

Subic Bay is the Philippine's top playground for sports and extreme adventures. Subic Bay is known for it's diversity in culture, cuisine and leisure activities that makes an experience of a lifetime. From panoramic views to extreme water sports activities. Everything is here. Let the cool breeze of Subic Bay welcome you to paradise. Adventure or relax, Subic Bay has got it all.


  • Round trip air-conditioned van transfers (Manila - Subic- Manila)
  • Zoobic Safari Entrance Fees with Zooper Tram
  • Exciting Subic loop tour
  • Travel Insurance
  • Driver Guide
  • Fuel, Parking & Toll Fees
  • Permits and Environmental Fees

Sites to visit:

Zoobic Safari, Subic Bay Loop, SBMA Port & Yacht Club, Bat Kingdom, Monkey Watching, Animal Encounter, Aeta Trail & Show, Croco Loco, Forbidden Cave, Animal Show, Rodent World, Savannah, Serpentarium, Tiger Safari, Zoobic Cave, Zoobic Park, and Duty Free Shops.


0400AMwill be the assembly time at TRINOMA or SM NORTH EDSA open parking.
Our agent will provide you the contact number of the guide if incase you couldn't see them. 0500AM is the estimated time of departure in Manila. Prepare all your baggage and be ready for approximate 2-3hours travel to Subic by van.

Note: if you are from Pampanga, the Meeting Place and Time: San Fernando Pampanga (Rotonda Exit)

0700AM Welcome to Subic! You will have stop over to takeyour breakfast (on your own account). After that, you will proceed to Subic Bay Loop Tour.Our guide will tour you around Subic and show you the most visited place in Subic including SBMA Port and Yacht Club, Bat Kingdom & Monkey Watching. You may also opt visit the Tree Top Adventure where in you will experience different kinds of activities. Price of activities varies depends on what you will choose and it will be your own expense. Here are some of the activities you may enjoy : Tree Top Adventure, Canopy Walk, Trekking, Tree Drop and Superman ride.
If you want to skip to Tree Top adventure, you can already proceed to your next destinations.

1000AMNow, youwill proceed to Zoobic Safari. Experience the exotic sanctuary for your 2 hours of exciting tour in the Wildlife Tiger Adventure Amusement Park. This park has also lots of attractions that you must visit and these are :The Zoobic Park,Animal Encounter, Aeta Trail & Show, Animal Show, Croco Loco, Forbidden Cave,Rodent World, Savannah, Serpentarium, Zoobic Cave and Tiger Safari where in you willexperience riding in a safari jeep where you will enter in a close fence structure and be fascinated to see the live tigers roaming around as they thrilled you with their vibrating appetite.You can have your lunch on your own expense before we proceed to our next destination. Our guide will assist you on it.

Next you will be transferred toOcean Adventure(optional only and entrance fees not included) and be amazed with the different and unique aquatic entertainment, marine life interaction and beach escape.This isthe first marine park and aquarium in the country. It showcases Subic Bay marine life and some of the world's most amazing sea mammals like dolphins, sea lions and false killer whales.

0300PM You will proceed to Duty Free Shops to enjoy shopping and buying some goods to bring for your love ones.

0500PM is our estimated time of departure from Subic. Relax and you will be transferred to your home town!

Location Address :

Hotel Features



Zoobic Safari is a 25 hectare amusement park presenting a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your family. Enjoy exotic animals roaming and frolicking in their natural habitat and surroundings of individual planes and native grasslands. This very-well may be the most real thing to a wild animal jungle safari around.


Ocean Adventure Subic Bay is the first Southeast Asia's only open water Marine Park. Here, animals live and play in a natural setting of clear water swarming with marine life, coral reefs, and a lovely white sand beach. Experience an encounter with whales, and sea lions, and a host of fish and sea creatures in a selection of exciting and cherished ways. Ocean Adventure is an all-weather park. It has covered walkways, sheltered stadiums, and indoor facilities that will insure the guests will have a comfortable experience, in sunshine or in rain.


-Tours may be cancelled if total number of guest did not meet

-Tours cancelled due to bad weather may be rescheduled

- Tree Top adventure and Ocean Adventure is optional only and fees will be on pax account

-Surcharge applies during Holidays and Holyweek

- Travel Insurance covered only when you are on board the van

-Van type is Urvan / Grandia / Escapade (depends on the availability)

-This package is ax exclusive tour

-2 years old and above are considered adults and shall be charged accordingly

-If incase specified hotel is not available, you will be transferred to similar class

-Your meeting area for your pick up will be at TRINOMA (Manila area) / SM PAMPANGA (Pampanga area)

-Pack light: only 1 lugagge per person, not more than 5kgs

-Meals are not included

-Itinerary may subject to change due to weather conditions, and actual time of arrival.



  • VALID PASSPORT- at least six (6) months valid prior to your departure date.
  • For Foreign Passport Holders, it is your liability to secure your visa (if required).You must also secure your return ticket from your original country or your onward ticket to other countries.
  • For dual passport holder make sure to bring them both and must be 6 months valid.
  • If you are a government employee, you are required to secure a "Travel Order" from your Head Office or Office of the President before travelling abroad.
  • For Domestic and International, pregnant woman must secure a letter from her OB Gyne.
  • Passengers below 18 years old should be accompanied by Parents. If not, kindly secure clearance at the nearest DSWD office please visit:
  • SHADOW TRAVEL AND TOURS is not responsible for any immigration matters.


  • Infant (0-23 months) is Free Of Charge
  • For 2 years old and above, same rate as adult rate
  • Meals are complimentary only, this is non convertible to lunch, dinner or cash
  • Standard Check in time 0200pm and Standard Check out time 1200nn
  • If passengers arrived at their hotel before check in time, instead of waiting, they can leave their baggage at front desk and come back for check in. As well as for check out time you can comeback before scheduled pick up for your return flight.
  • Check in Deposit: During check-in every hotel need an incidental deposit which is refundable upon check out.
  • If in case specified hotel is unavailable passengers can still avail with a similar class hotel
  • Non refundable/ Non rebookable/Non transferable once booked and confirmed --- AIRLINE
  • Any incidental expenses will be on guest account
  • Present your Passport/Valid ID and service voucher upon check in.


  • Terminal Fee for International Flights: (Clark 600/person) & Philippine Travel Tax (P1,620) are payable at the airport.
  • For OFW that are travelling for vacation purposes are payable for the Philippine Travel Tax.
  • For Foreign Passport holder who stayed more than a year in the Philippines are required to pay Philippine Travel Tax upon exit in the country.
  • Terminal Fee for ALL Domestic and International flights departing from Manila is FREE.
  • Estimated Terminal Fees for other domestic destination is less than P200/head.
  • If you are travelling with minors (below 12 yrs old) prior to your departure date, you can get your 50% less to your Philippine Travel Tax (exclusive of PHP200 government fee) at the nearest Philippine Travel Authority Office please visit:
  • Present your Valid ID for Domestic Flights and for children w/out any Valid ID you can use their Birth Certificate as document upon check in.
  • Present your at least 6months valid Passport upon check in.
  • There will not be any refund if passengers failed to show up at our airport representative


  • For Domestic Flights, check-in time should be at least 2hrs before the flight.
  • For International Flights, check-in time should be at least 3hrs before the flight.
  • Maximum of FREE 7kls hand carry only per person per way.
  • If they are going to bring liquid in hand carry, maximum of 100ml per piece and it should be in zip lock bag.
  • Passengers are not allowed to bring either hand carry or check in baggage like Guns, Firearms and weapons. Also Explosive, flammable, chemical and toxic substances.


  • It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure the safe keeping of their personal belongings & valuables.
  • Company will not be responsible for passengers who are late and have missed their transport, as this may disrupt and delay the transfer schedule that may involve other joining passengers.
  • Any unused tour services is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-rebookable
  • Passengers must be at the lobby at least 30 mins before scheduled pick up of the guide for tours/transfers.
  • For seat in coach transfers you are sharing the bus with the other passengers you have to wait for the other passengers to arrive.


  • Passengers name entered must be same as per passenger's passports (for international) or other valid ID (for domestic). Incorrect names may cause penalties or invalidation of travel vouchers.
  • It is the passenger's responsibility to check carefully for any errors made in the booking details, flight dates, name of passengers etc.
  • Within 24 hours after receiving your vouchers/e-ticket, you can notify our agency regarding the accuracy of information including names, birthdates, flight details, travel dates, hotels, tours and others or else any claim of inaccuracy or modification will not be honored.
  • Issuing office will not be liable for any problem caused by tour operator outside/inside Philippines
  • In the event that a problem arise, please coordinate with your travel agent or the person whose name and contact no. listed below of this service voucher
  • SHADOW TRAVEL AND TOURS is not responsible if an airline cancels, reschedules, or delays a flight for any reason, and therefore, you are releasing the company, employees, sub agents from liability for the Airlines flight changes and cancellations. However our friendly staff will assist you to rearrange your package for the restrictions given by the airline and hotel.
  • Note: Once transaction/s is finalized booking confirmation with reference no. will be released within 24 hours or less / booking officer will call you for final confirmation. Please note that you need to have the confirmation or reference no. to complete your bookings or else airlines / hotels/ tour operator will not honor your given voucher.
  • Any alteration made without approvable from issuing office will be deemed null/void.
  • Any unused travel packages is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-rebookable

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